BENEFITS of an Inspire Membership!

There is only ONE person per profession allowed in each chapter, so there is no competition. You will be surrounded by a group of professionals that WANT to see your business grow, as well as their own! They become an advocate for you. The power of referrals is crucial in business and the referrals you give and receive will help build relationships on many levels. It’s a great way to grow personally and professionally! Each chapter also offers networking education, community involvement and public speaking training.

Networking Can Be Intimidating!
Ours is NOT and Here's Why:

Each chapter has a variety of members from very experienced networkers to those that are new to networking. In the first two meetings while you are a guest you can expect to hear some GREAT pitches from other members so you get a feel for the format of the meetings. You will then get a chance to explain what it is you do, and what you are looking for in a referral. Public speaking can be intimidating but the group of professionals gathered are solely there to support you and help grow your business.

Better Than Our Competitors?
Networking with a heart.

Finding QUALITY members that are actively looking to meet other professionals while growing their business is a key element in our members. Inspire is not about “filling a seat”. Inspire is about collectively gathering professionals that want to make a difference in the community and build relationships with like-minded business men/women. We have no application fee and a portion of all dues goes toward a donation to a non-profit of the chapter’s choice.

Community Activities
Grow your professional relationships.

We invite speakers from local non-profits to speak to our chapters quarterly. This is a great opportunity to be more involved in the community, thus growing your relationship with professionals that you might not have otherwise expected. There are multiple opportunities to help these non-profits grow! During the quarter the chapter can either donate money raised from chapter dues or collaborate a group effort to volunteer their TIME with that nonprofit. A portion of all dues paid goes toward a donation to a nonprofit of the chapter’s choice.

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